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Pyramid Wellness Center

Wellness Through Sound, Light and Holistic Health

Crystal Singing Pyramids

6" Pyramid            $ 149         In Stock

8" Pyramid            $ 199         In Stock

9" Pyramid            $ 229         In Stock

10" Pyramid          $ 249         In Stock

12" Pyramid          $ 299         In Stock

14" Pyramid          $ 349         In Stock

17.5" Pyramid       $ 449         Must Order

20" Pyramid          $ 549         In Stock

They are all high quality pyramids. In stock pyramids ship the next day!

22", 24" and 26" pyramids by special order.

Plus shipping on all prices above. Call or email zip code for shipping prices.

This 14" pyramid is being played over her head.

Indications are that it balances the hemispheres of the brain, balances chakras

and goes into physical problems.

We also have a DVD that shows you how to use the pyramids for removing

emotional problems. Pyramids and DVD are available in the web store.

DVD $ 20.00 plus $ 3.00 shipping.